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Oge Weds Chimmi
ge & Chimmi

"GW the MC was definitely one of the easiest parts of the whole wedding planning experience. He was one of the only vendors that didn't need to be chased. He has a system that works and he sticks to it. He sets up meetings to get to truly know his clients and we believe that really comes across on the day. He follows up with the vendors that he needs to be in touch with all on his own (all you do is give him the contact which is a huge stress reliever for people planning weddings, trust me). 


On the day of, he again did not need to be chased at all. He was where he needed to be way earlier than he needed to be, he worked the crowd incredibly. He was sweet and kind to the elders while being jovial and fun for the young ones plus also had great games to keep the crowd involved.


Definitely one of the best parts of our wedding. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend."

Precious & Idey

"My Precious wife and I were really pleased with how GodsWriter The MC did. He is organized and intentional in ensuring you have the very eventful day you desire to have.

Right from the start, he met with us to hear our story, which allowed him to build a positive rapport with us. He truly values his customers. He listened to our ideas and the vision we had for the reception part of our wedding, and he was intentional in ensuring that we experience what we were asking for. He made the wedding plans process smooth.

My wife and I truly recommend him as your MC for your wedding because he will get the job done in such a fun and classy way. Also, he is FUNNY. He engages with the crowd in such unique and positive ways. His professional and organizational skills are impeccable."

Precious Weds Idey
Precious Weds Emmanuel
illian & Emmanuel

Video Testimonial from Mr. & Mrs. Njigha

Ema & Maaka

"When I tell you that there is not another MC like GodsWriter...I speak the truth and nothing BUT the truth.  This man has a heart of PURE gold.

.Truly. It is evident that he GENUINELY wants each couple to have a very unique experience that they will remember forever.

He has such a patient temperament (And I say this because he’s been VERY patient as he awaited this review! My most sincere Apologies… Life just… Happened you know? LOL Anyway…)

GodsWriter is a very very professional somebody. It is undeniably difficult to find (and I’m sorry to say this) a Nigerian professional who is actually PROFESSIONAL these days. It truly is.


He, indeed, provides a "...seamless experience!"  Lanre is professional, punctual, and has a great personality. THAT is a recipe for an amazing and memorable night for ANY bride and groom beginning their life's journey together.

Ema Weds Maaka

There was a bit of a issue the day of my church wedding, Saturday, December 15th 2018, and because of that issue, it caused my wedding to be pushed back a few hours.
Notwithstanding, he remained calm, courteous, and still provided an epic presentation that did not fail to illustrate who Maaka, (my Oooozband), and I are as husband and wife. Though, because of the time crunch, we did not have a chance to get through a couple of our very unique games… one would have never known (and actually did NOT know) because GodsWriter made everything so… Seamless.

Everyone was commenting on how magnificent our MC is and it is truly a fact. God's blessings and riches to you and your family, dear sir. You are exquisite.

Who is man that God is so mindful of us? No one knows the answer but God has His mercy and we are so VERY thankful for His mercy, Grace, and kindness to all generations!

I will continue… Continue… Continue to refer you to all couples in the future... Thank you again, Sir. May the Lord, our God, continue to write YOUR story, GodsWriter.."

Funbi & Evan

"GodsWriter The MC, we honestly can not express how much we love and appreciate you.  Thank you so much for a truly AMAZING and SEAMLESS experience.  Even with the stressors and last-minute changes, your professionalism remained constant.  Our guests even raved about how much they enjoyed you as an MC.  We pray that the Lord increases you in all areas of your life and you shall never lack  Thank you again for making our day so very special."

Funbi and Evan's testimonial
Bride and Groom dancing
T ayo & Dammy

"GodsWriter was the MC for our March 2018 wedding and all we can say is that we were blown away. To say he was on point is an understatement. Our wedding started later than planned, yet he was still able to make things flow without feeling rushed. He didn't miss a beat, and made sure every special moment was given its appropriate attention. He checked in with us regularly to make sure we were all still on the same page with the program, he made great suggestions to make the night even more memorable-like our Father vs. Father dance-off, which is still one of our favorite moments to this day! During the reception, I (the Bride) surprised my Groom with a Groom's cake and, though this was also a complete surprise to Lanre, I was soooo impressed with how God's Writer flawlessly improvised and even had time to throw in a joke or two. Amazing! His energy was great, he kept the crowd engaged while still making it about us, the couple. I am definitely a tough critic, so trust me when I say that if he is getting 5/5 stars from me, do not hesitate to book him! You will have absolutely no regrets. We cannot thank Lanre enough for blessing us with his gifts on that day. He is so humble, classy, gracious, and an exceptional dresser-BONUS! lol  Thank you GodsWriter!!!"

I ro & Ian

"Thoroughly impressed with God's Writer The MC's professionalism and performance as an MC.  We appreciated the time he spent to ensure that our needs were met prior to the wedding date AND was willing to improvise for those unpredictable moments that occurred during the wedding reception.  MCs set the pace for your event and the tone, we're blessed he did both. Will def recommend to a friend/business in need. "

bride and groom taking a picture
Bride and Groom holding hands
Nkechi & John

"On November 20th, 2016 my beautiful Wife and I got married and we have to say a massive thank you to our MC, GodsWriter for such a phenomenal job! He kept the crowd alive, engaged, laughing, and was very time conscious. Besides making us laugh all night during the reception, one big thing we loved about God's Writer as our MC, was the time he took 'behind the scenes to get to know us as a couple. He was very patient with us and understood our busy schedules due to wedding planning, but still knew when to be persistent enough to obtain the information he needed for the big day. In order to know us better, he asked questions that were personable and not overbearing. We had so much fun during the reception thanks to him, and couldn't have asked for a better MC!!!"

K ate & Femi

"Wow, we were blown away by your service "God's Writer!" My husband and I were referred to Lanre (God's Writer The MC) by my sister-in-law during our search for an 'MC.' We contacted him and was immediately impressed by his level of professionalism and knack for his craft. We couldn't have picked a more talented 'MC' like Lanre... He was punctual, engaging, and exciting from start to finish as he steered and entertained all 300 of our guest through our wedding reception. Thanks a mil for creating such precious moments with us Lanre. We appreciate YOU 😍😍😍!


PS. We highly recommend Lanre (God's Writer The MC) to anyone looking for something other than the norm. To say his service was EVERYTHING above and beyond seamless and professionalism is an understatement -- he's simply EXCEPTIONAL..." 

Bride and Groom enjoying each other
Bride and Groom in love
M ercy & Muyiwa

"GodsWriter The MC made our wedding day great!  He was very professional from the beginning until the end.  One thing we feared was having an MC show up on our wedding day and botch everything, but with GodsWriter we didn't have to fear!  We were highly impressed with his organizational skills, and the level of fun he brought to our day.  If you need an MC, want to have fun, and worry less, God's Writer is the perfect choice.  Thank you so much for everything!"

M oromoke & Ife

"Lanre, we want to thank you so much for doing an awesome job as the MC for our wedding reception. Our first impression of you was the list of questions you sent to us via email to answer and return to you. We were impressed because it showed that you truly wanted to understand and capture our vision for the reception so that you could bring it to life. The culmination of this was a reception that was everything we had hoped for and imagined. You also took time to meet with us in person to review and further discuss the details of the reception. You gave us very useful and helpful tips and suggestions to make the reception fun and engaging for our guests. The Race to the Cake game was a definite hit with all of our guests. As much as possible, you ensured we kept to our timeline. Not only that, we heard great reviews from all our guests. We truly enjoyed our day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a seamless experience."

Bride and Groom dancing
Bride and Groom first reveal
D elisa & Francis

"Where do I begin? GodsWriter the MC is absolutely blessed beyond measure! His God-given ability to sense and connect with his audience is amazing! I have not ever seen or been to a wedding of 1000+ people that still feels intimate, fun, and full of love.

From our first meeting to the end of the wedding program, everything was perfect. Timothy took the time to get to know my husband and me as a couple. He was interested in how we met, our interests, our families, what we liked/disliked. He was very attentive to detail, even so far as to make sure everyone in the wedding party’s name was pronounced correctly (and it was a large party!). He exhibited so much patience with us and was flexible with our schedules during the planning phase, especially since my husband and I were coming from out of town. This was very important to us, because it felt personal, rather than transactional.

On the big day, GodsWriter the MC was punctual, professional, and very well prepared. He had great games/activities that truly engaged the family and the audience. He turned what is often a long, drawn-out program into an entertaining, interactive, enjoyable experience. Of course, we had a plan for the evening, but as suspected, things don’t always go as planned! GodsWriter the MC remained time conscious from start to finish. He sensed ahead of time that the schedule might need alternation, ran a few suggestions by my husband and me to make sure they were okay, and executed them so smoothly that no one could tell the difference! He was very flexible and aware of his audience, which was key to his success. The crowd loved him and his energy. He made everyone laugh, smile, and maybe even shed a tear lol... To summarize: GodsWriter the MC was the BOMB! I wholeheartedly recommend him to EVERYONE looking for an MC. Our day was amazing and we thank him so much for the role he played.”

Jasmine & Reynard

"GodsWriter is hands down, the most eloquently polished MC we have ever come in contact with.  From the beginning, his humble nature and professional approach to everything made us more comfortable that we chose the best.  What we really loved about GodsWriter is that he opened his arms to us like family.  With every marital advice and every prayer to begin each meeting, we truly felt at home.  On the day of the wedding, he was polished in appearance and in word choice.  He had EVERYONE laughing and truly enjoying themselves.  his attention to detail and time added to smooth transitions and an amazing night!!!  Thank you so much for making our wedding amazing!!" 

Bride and Groom taking a picture
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